Top 15 Hangover Cures That Actually Work

14) Serve Up a Virgin Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary

Taking another round of drinks to counter hangovers is merely a myth. By doing so, you can only postpone the hangovers. Virgin Bloody Mary is always there to come to the rescue of party lovers. It always helps to cure hangover. Though you withstand hangover without having anything but only water, you can feel better as glutathione is naturally produced in your body to get relieved of hangover.

Tomatoes in your kitchen may be picked up as they are rich in vitamin C as well as Glutathione. Fresh tomato juice may help you increase the body’s rate of response to hangovers. The flavour of lemon juice is essential to eclipse the flavour of canned tomato juice and feel good. This is why lemon juice

is added in Bloody Marys. Apart from this, lemon juice has potential healing qualities. Liver is susceptible to degeneration, lemon juice helps towards revitalization. The dawn after the night party may be welcomed with Virgin Bloody Mary, it’s rich in nutrients that your body requires and also the necessary ingredients that cures hangovers. People with stomach ailments or sensitive stomach may consult a physician before taking Virgin Bloody Mary. In general, you may have a couple of Virgin Bloody Mary’s but ensure that they virgins as such.

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