Top 15 Hangover Cures That Actually Work

15) Burn Your Taste buds


The counter irritation form of treatment like applying powerful balms over your frontal region to immediately get rid of headache, you may have spicy foods so that your brain concentrates on high secretion of saliva. You might experience wonderful moments when you have some water after having spicy foods, your mind refreshes at alarming rate. Spicy foods usually improves immune system, better blood circulation and good feel over your tongue, causes alertness and reduces giddiness. Wasabi and Cayenne pepper are mostly preferred to get rid of hangover, though Habanero peppers and jalapenos are advisable. Your overall circulation is increased and you can also mitigate the spicy effects of such dishes according to your level of tolerance by mixing with milk.

If you plan to have a wasabi hot water bath, you should definitely use only two to four tablespoons in hot bathwater. When you are in the tub, you may sweat a lot, but you should also plan to counter this dehydration effect by having sufficient water. If you could not plan effectively, just consult a physician and try to learn better, as acting by yourself may result in high rate of dehydration may suffocate you and lead to death at times.

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