Top 15 Hangover Cures That Actually Work

1) Prevent the Hangover from Happening in the First Place with Water


Quite some hours after you had drinks, you might have experienced dryness of throat. You may feel to relieve yourself. Good while little amount of alcohol with healthy dishes will definitely tone up your bowel and bladder. But during such biological process, you should know that dryness and frequent swallowing of saliva is the compelling voice of your body asking you to have more water. Dehydration is the underlying cause for hangover as the blood volume decreases. The nauseating elements in blood stream will also be diluted when you take more water. Care should be taken that you should have water at frequent intervals rather than all at once. Even before you have drinks, you may have enough water a couple of hours in advance. It prepares your body to sustain the alcoholic effects and helps you to ease out in the morning without much sufferings due to hangovers.

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