Top 15 Hangover Cures That Actually Work

2) Protein for Breakfast Instead of Grease and Bad Fat

fried eggs

Protein rich breakfast may help building your body. Healing of damaged tissues and facilitating the circle of villi to assimilate quickly, fresh juices may be preferred especially citrus fruits like oranges. Black coffee, protein white albumin of boiled egg or a half-boiled eggs with pepper spilled over, a well cooked chicken or mutton fleshy piece may be your right choice. Coffee and juices soothes your nerve endings, protein rich food helps you in constructing your body tissues. Though hangover could not be prevented, the ill effects may be effectively countered by healthy diets instead opting for medicines and ointments. Having orange juice and black coffee with cheesy toasted greasy bacon and eggs for breakfast is one of the classic cures for hangover. But this does not mean that a good hearty breakfast won’t help to relieve these effects. You only need to choose healthy foods. Nuts and cheese may be preferred as morning breakfast.

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