Top 15 Hangover Cures That Actually Work

5) Gentle Exercise with Plenty of Hydration


Gentle exercise will help you to improve overall body circulation as it will definitely increase the supply of nutrition and oxygen to your body tissues. As you dehydrate due to alcohol, don’t worry, just think that the waste materials in your body is flushed off. But to counter the ill effects of dehydration, try to have sufficient water. To maintain your body temperature, just warm up and do little exercise to show that you are proactive and miles ahead so that the hangovers would not catch and cripple your mood to be sluggish.

During drinks the alcohol content alters the pattern of blood pressure and makes you feel light and weightless. But gradually when you come out of the influence of alcohol, you might feel your head is heavy with cranial pain and your arteries are pulsating palpably causing little bit distress around your eyes and parietal area. When gentle massage is done over the parietal region like finger kneading coupled with gentle will definitely help your nerves reverberate and rejoice. Don’t follow the idea to work like a devil and eat/drink like a bull! It’s dangerous in all respect and so try to restrict yourself and enjoy within limits and caution.

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