Top 15 Hangover Cures That Actually Work

7) Coca Cola and Over the Counter Pain Relievers

Pain Relievers

Head ache and nausea are the major symptoms of hangover. To kill the pain with a gulp of tablet such as ibuprofen and aspirin, you may think it’s an easy way out. But the medicine acts in a complicated way as if you are suffering from headache. Hangover is entirely different from regular headache that may be due to anxiety or frustration. Drinkers need not necessarily opt for pain killers without consultation of physicians because in addition to the damage caused to your stomach lining by alcohol, pain killers may aggravate the condition. Having hard liquor like vodka without proper fleshy side dishes, pain killer medicines will worsen your health in addition the ill effects caused by alcohol. To work towards getting rid of painful throbbing, coca cola helps to minimise the ill effects of hangover. Though a favourite drink of children, its bitter taste and original formula actually helps to alleviate the throbbing pain unlike diet soda and Pepsi which are known to worsen the hangovers.

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