Top 15 Healthy Spices from India

9) Bay Leaves

Bay Leaves

Bay Leaves are referred specifically as an Indian ingredient and are called as Teja Patta (in India). These are leaf from a particular tree named “Cassia tree”. Indian Bay leaves are not similar to that of the Laurel Bay or Sweet Bay that is used in the western countries. In general, bay leaves from different regions or countries will differ in flavours and when the types are compared with the Teja Patta (or Indian Bay leaves); it is usually larger in size with three spines down from the middle instead of one. They consists a fragrance and taste which are more similar to some of the other spice like cinnamon and cassia bark; but milder than them.

In Sanskrit, the name means as dark leaf. It’s Aroma and Flavour are very popular in classic and contemporary cuisines which has its key point in stimulating appetite. It’s also used in pickling, marinating and to flavour stuffing’s, stews, and fish. They have delicate fragrant but possess a kind of bitter taste. It is also added as an essential ingredient in many classical ways of sauces. It serves legendary medicinal properties. Extracted Oil from ripe berries is also used in perfume, liqueurs, and in veterinary fields as well.

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