Top 15 Healthy Spices from India

12) Fennel


In India, these fennel seeds are called as saunf (in Hindi language). These are dried seeds obtained from fennel plant which possess unique aromatics, giving sweet taste when used in food. These are used in India and Mediterranean countries like Italy, Arabic and eastern countries. But, it is widely used in Indian cuisines, mainly to flavour dishes like chutney, curies and pickles. It is an important ingredient for many dishes; particularly Bengali cooking without which the dish seems to be incomplete. In southern India, the powdered for is used for cooking. In ancient Indian medicines, these seeds have an important role, as it provides numerous health benefits. These seeds are light, dry, non-unctuous, and cold.

The benefits are like appetizer, anti-spasmodic, carminative and a hepatic herb. T promotes strength via food and has major role to play in healing gas trouble through Ayurvedic means. Not only that, related problems of stomach and respiratory disorders are also cured. In India, the fennel seeds as commonly used after meals. You can find most Indians chewing and are also found to be kept in all restaurants and hotels. The herb plus aromatic flavour provides great mouth freshener by removing bad breath and also provides relief from toothache and gum problems

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