Top 15 Healthy Spices from India

13) Oregano


Oregano – perennial and famous European herb possessing creeping roots with 30 to 90 cm long which is considered to be in mint family. It is very ancient herb that is used in both kitchen and in the sickroom. This is derived from mountain and landscape regions, so it’s also known the joy of mountain or mostly considered as symbol of happiness. The leaves are hairy in nature and are very aromatic. The plant has a pungent smell that is produced according to the sunlight absorbed. This is native of European and Asian countries. In general, belongs from Mediterranean region. It requires a neutralized climatic one to penetrate for its growth. Since, it requires a neutral zone with pH around 6 to 8 with proper soil condition; it is widely used as an Indian spice. It takes or prefers a lot of attention in maintenance. Why? It’s very sensitive or prone to infections from spider’s mites, aphids and other mining insects. Regular maintenance required with proper removal of infected regions in the plant with regular watering. That is under best nourishment. It is a strong antibacterial agent and when consumed regularly, it heals the painful swellings and rheumatoid. Traditional form of tea is useful in treating cold, asthma, menstruation problems and fever as well; because of its strong antiseptic properties.

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