Top 15 Healthy Spices from India

15) Turmeric


Possess slightly significant colour of orange-yellow. The ingredient has a bitter flavour and mild fragrance. Turmeric is a root from the plant “Curcuma longa”, which has a tough brown colour with a deep orange flesh. It’s used as a strong anti- inflammatory for long by both Indian and Chinese system of medication. All a long way, it was traditionally called as Indian saffron due to its deep orange-yellow colour throughout history as a healing remedy and as well for textile dye purpose. It is rich in manganese, iron, vitamin B6, fibre, copper and potassium. As mentioned above, it is a strong anti-inflammatory agent which serves treatment in a wide variety of conditions. Such as, flatulence, haemorrhage, jaundice, bloody urine or kidney problem, bruises, menstrual difficulties, chest pain, toothache, and colic. No significant toxic effects are produced which causes ulcer formation, intestinal bleeding and decrease in white blood cell count.

On daily consumption it shows, improvements in health conditions including morning stiffness, boosting overall immunity for example lengthening walking time, and reduces joint swelling. Some reports even say that Turmeric consumption (by adding it to the food or in milk) May Helps to prevent chances Colon Cancer.


India is very well known for its spicy cooking. Species are often considered to be heavy mainly by the people of countries apart from south Asian. There are spices which helps our body, to maintain or remain healthy and in balance. In India and some of the sayings are like – food is our medicine. Why would one go finding an alternate when the food itself gives all the need s we want. There goes on a long list if noted that provides wide verity of fresh food with flavours. Each small amount of spice provides a whole some boost to our health conditions, that was what mentioned. Since everything is good when it is in limit, the spices are also significantly being consumed in optimum content for proper benefit. Only because a particular ingredient is so auspicious, it shouldn’t be over dosed as it may turn negative.

The best way is you can go on enjoying all the valuable health benefits by consuming varieties of Indian cuisines, including a large variety of fruits and vegetables. If you cook at home then you can add up different flavours and start exploring other spices as well. Even adding an ingredient will change the wholesome course of the dish. If don’t believe, then best to try it. There goes an interesting task. So, enhance your immune level, stay healthy and wise.

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