Top 15 Healthy Spices from India

2) Chilli peppers

Chilli peppers

The chilli pepper is a fruit of plants from the genus called Capsicum that belongs to a member in the nightshade family. It is usually known as chilli, In Australia, India, Ireland, Britain, New Zealand, South Africa, Pakistan and in other Asian countries that are used as both food and medicine. Around the world, India is the biggest producer, consumers and exporters as well of chilli peppers. The main substances that gives the chilli peppers their intensity (that is, when ingested or applied topically) are capsaicin. When it is consumed, capsaicinoids will bind with the pain receptors present in the walls of the mouth and throat; that are responsible for sensing heat.

A study says that the capsaicin alters and makes the process that the body’s cells use the energy produced by hydrolysis of ATP in the body. In normal hydrolysis process, the SERCA proteins in the body, uses this energy to move the calcium ions into the sarcoplasmic reticulum. When this capsaicin is present, it always alters the conformation process of the SERCA, and eventually reduces the ion movements. As a result, the ATP is released as thermal energy. Chilli pepper pods, which are used in dried or fresh form. Chillies’ are processed as dried to preserve them for long periods of time that may also be done by pickling.

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