Top 15 Healthy Spices from India

3) Cumin


Cumin is a flowering plant from the family of Apiaceae and is native from the east Mediterranean to India. The dried seeds are used in many cuisines according to different cultures both as whole and ground form. It is also used as a traditional medicinal plant. Cumin seed are used as spice for its unique or distinctive flavour and beautiful aroma. It is popular globally and provides an essential flavouring for many varieties of cuisines, particularly in South Asian. It can be also found in some cheeses varieties, such as Leyden cheese, breads following some tradition from France. It is also used commonly in traditional Brazilian cuisine. It helps a lot when added to an earthy and warming food, making it an affix in certain soups varieties, spiced gravies such as chilli as well. In addition, also used in some pickles and pastries.

In Sanskrit, it’s known as Jira which helps in entire digestion process. In the Ayurvedic system of medicines, dried cumin seeds are believed preferred for its medicinal purposes. The seeds are also powdered and used in many different forms like arishta (fermented decoction), Kashaya (decoction) and processed with ghee (a clarified butter). In southern India, the drinks with cumin powder (in the parts of India such as Kerala and Tamil Nadu) are called jira water, which is made by boiling. Even though the Cumin’s has got characteristic flavour which is very strong; it also has a warm aroma due to the presence of essential oil contents in it.

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