Top 15 Healthy Spices from India

4) Coriander or Cilantro


Coriander is considered as an annual herb in the family of Apiaceae. Each parts of the plant is very edible, but traditionally used one is its fresh leaves and dried seeds in cooking. It’s Always considered as a native to the regions of southern Asia, Europe and northern Africa. It is an herbiest plant grows up to 50 cm in length. Its flowers bear small umbels with white or very pale pink colour, and with the petals pointing away from the centre. Nowadays Coriander is used throughout the world, in cuisines. The fresh leaves are used as an ingredient in many South Asian cuisines mainly for chutneys and the salads.

It is used in Chinese, Thai dishes, in Mexican cooking particularly where salsa is very famous and as a garnish to the dishes. When heated their flavour diminishes, thus coriander leaves are used added raw to the dish immediately after the completion of dish or before serving. It is known that, the coriander leaves are used in large amounts In Indian and Central Asian recipes, and cooked until its flavour gets diminishes. The leaves get spoiled quickly when it is removed from the plant, and eventually loses their aroma in conditions where it is dried or frozen. Coriander Leaves are particularly rich in vitamin C vitamin A, and vitamin K, with little essence content of dietary minerals. Although its seeds generally contains lower amount of vitamins, they also do provide much significant amounts of dietary requirements. Overall, they are rich source of fibre, calcium, iron, selenium, magnesium and manganese.

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