Top 15 Healthy Spices from India

6) Cardamom


Cardamom – the Queen of Spices, because of its pleasant taste and aroma. It commerce’s from cardamom plant as dried ripe fruit. Cardamom is an herbaceous, perennial, rhizomatous plant. Cardamom oil is considered as a precious ingredient in preparing food, health foods medicines, perfumery and beverages. India is a traditional exporter of spice-cardamom to other countries including the Middle East countries; where it is mostly used in the preparation of a strong cardamom – coffee. It seems that without which, not even a day goes complete.

In some countries particularly Scandinavian, it is used as an ingredient in confectionaries and baked goods. The Cardamom oil has applications such as flavouring cordials, processed foods, and liquors and also in perfumery. In Ayurvedic medicines it plays a major role because of its unique taste, strong flavour, with an intensely aromatic, pleasant fragrance. This spice is considered much similar to mint variety even though it’s not so bitter. In addition it is often used for baking, particularly in Sweden, Finland; where cardamom is used as a traditional treats such as the Swedish sweet bun, Scandinavian Jules bread and Finnish sweet bread.

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