Top 15 Ways to Improve Your Memory

9) Know Your Learning Type

Know Your Learning Type

You may have strong affinity to pictorial illustrations than textual messages. You may memorize by mnemonics or you may loudly repeat the same sentence by-heart. You may be aware of the pattern of learning much beneficial to recall. At present, seven different types of learning is known to be in practice. But any single pattern will not be the rule, as your brain practices a mixture of all at different percentages. To begin with, the child learns from books and teachers alone. But they cannot be said to practice introvert learning being solitary yet it is so when adults do so. Some will refrain from sharing information with others and as such they fall under the category of introvert and solitary learners. On the other hand, extrovert and social learning is adopted by many as learning is better when information is analyzed and understood through group interaction while some prefer learning through thoughts. In addition to this, visual, auditory, linguistic, physical and logical learning improves one’s attitude and aptitude. Visual learning improves photogenic memory and easy to recall. Visual learners reproduce in an illustrative manner as they are depicting the art learnt in a new pattern. Visual learners are well articulated in thoughts and conversation and they are efficient in segregating the essence of content in a pleasing manner. Auditory learners are inclined to rhythm of words in the text. Various slangs can be easily pronounced by auditory learners. Grammatical poems and short poems are sweetly created by learners through audition. Verbal learning is based on reasoning. Often magic is learnt through verbal learning, quicker delivery of information and grasping is advantageous in verbal learning. Physical learning is another form of learning that is practiced by experience and touch. If you close your eyes and pick up a coin, you can say which denomination is it, such a learning is practiced by visually disabled persons as Braille. Though the types of learning may differ, but the crux of a concept should be applied when required, which is in itself a true learning to improve memory and enrich the caliber of brain as a whole.

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