Top 15 Ways to Improve Your Memory

10) Remember by Association

Remember by Association

When you are asked to remember the table 13 X 12, you will possibly multiply 13 with 2 and then multiply 13 with 1 and find out the product as 156. In this case, your recalling process glides over the familiar tools and finally arrives at the exact solution. This is how you associate with the elementary tools to find out the ultimate answer.

Even when you failed in your first love proposal, you tend to remember her when you taste the favorite food both of you had years ago. Remembering by association plays well in quiz programs when clues are given. The clue stimulates your sensory pathways or afferent pathways to recollect the exactly required fact.

Loci is a method of improving memory by pictorial learning. This is why you might remember that in school days, history book will usually contain the pictures of Mother Teresa, Annie Besant, Madam Curie, Adolf Hitler etc. Even now, we remember the faces of these personalities. Loci is an easy method of remembering things.

Mnemonics are used by people from different walks of life. For example, in medicine, they use the acronym as SLTPTTCH – Sheela Looks Too Pity Try To Catch Her which clearly spells all the carpal bones viz., Scaphoid, Lunate, Triquetrum, Pisiform, Trapezium, Trapezoid, capitates and Hamate. Mnemonics helps to reduce complex information into a handy folder. It not only enthuses to bear in mind but also increases the quantum of memory storage and speedy retrieval.

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