Top 15 Ways to Improve Your Memory

12) Regular Exercise


Exercising heavily on a single day is not advisable. Your body always has a biological rhythm. Regular exercise promotes your cardiovascular health. It helps to activate anti-oxidants in your body and prevent oxygen free radicals from causing injury to your brain cell membranes. It’s better to sweat in the evening than to watch television or playing video games in the evening. Exercise paves way to vasodilatation and increase supply of nutrients and oxygen to your brain. The coronary supplying the brain and carotid artery related to heart are eked out less clot and damages. The increased alertness of pons and medulla oblongata in your brain strengthens the pattern of respiration to optimize the oxygen intake. This promotes active brain with sharp memory. If you are interested in meditation and yoga then it is good to practice r1egularly as vital parameters like blood pressure, blood glucose level and temperature of your body are auto regulated by such practice. Health is multidimensional, not only maintainable through diet but also through physical activity and continuous process of learning.

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