Top 15 Ways to Improve Your Memory

15) Physical and mental well being

Physical and mental well being

Your brain is influenced by the environment as well as genetically. To recollect the positive achievements by your ancestors and to have healthy friends around you will definitely improve your all health. Be smiling and show hospitality towards others as they will also reciprocate, create a healthy environment than blaming existing situation. Such a measure will manifold help your brain to deliver composed thoughts. Like the epithet, where there is peace, there is progress, regular meditation, yoga, aerobics and physical will definitely improve your physique as well as memory. Increase in concentration and obliterating distraction reinforcing positive neural response will definitely help healthy neural pathways enabling a sound platform to learn and recall to the optimal level. Healthy mind lives in a healthy body!

Final Memorable Thoughts

You mental caliber and the process of learning is inclined to memory and reasoning. When different methods of learning and recalling are being practiced, you may also choose your comfort zone from the above tips and try it regularly. As you may be strong in mathematics but not in science, this shows your interest level in different subjects. So you may not blame your brain all the times, memory is related to attitude and perception. When you watch girls walking in a flower garden, you may not remember the colors of the flower but you will still be able to recall the gait pattern of those girls. This indicates that the factor of attraction and affinity improvises memory level. Develop interest in everything you learn and do, stay cheerful by energizing and activating nerve endings through any of the choices like practicing yoga or meditation, balanced diet etc. Life is precious, make the best out of it!

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