Top 15 Ways to Improve Your Memory

1) Broaden Your Horizons

Broaden Your Horizons

Learning is a continuous process. Reading books /novels and interpreting the cause and effect of an event is a kind of exercise to your brain. When you immobilize your joints for weeks together, you may experience joint stiffness. Similarly disused muscles leads to atrophy or muscle wasting. A champion in swimming cannot swim a long distance after years of being idle, as muscles will be fatigue. Brain is no exception to this rule. Find out the area of interest in learning whether it can be about God and your soul or recent developments in science. Then pursuing it in a casual manner every day, you will definitely feel reverberated. Some students study well when they are too young but some do well in higher studies, it denotes that your brain is constantly subject to change based on the way it connects informational centers. Even when you learn to solve a problem in mathematics and teach your friend to solve it, your neural pathways are comfortable with the sum to connect this information in the distant future also. But when a sum is learnt and never revised or taught to your friend, the neural pathways that connect to this piece of information are almost non-existent.

Like present is the key to the past, if you learn the Newton’s third law in the childhood, your science book says that for every action there is equal and opposite reaction. You spontaneously remember the third law when you trigger a rifle gun, as the pressure of the rifle is mounted backwards before the bullet is fired forward. Your neural pathways does not consult you all the times, but it connects similar information and enables you to correlate as the Facebook automatically collects your possible friends on a page. Neural pathways are interconnected and interlinked making it easier for you to remember and correlate to facts you’ve already learned.

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