Top 15 Ways to Improve Your Memory

2) Don’t Overexert Yourself

Don’t Overexert Yourself

You can’t swallow a loaf of bread but you can have it as slices with utmost ease. Large chunks of information could not be loaded in your brain mechanically. In simple words, imagine you can you lift 100kgs of weight in your gym without practicing. Likewise learning in a phased manner will automatically will help to build neural pathways. The neural pathways could not be developed all at once. Everyone has a prime time to learn. Some learn quickly in the early morning while some learn easily in the evening. Find out the prime time and learn with comfort as your brain may experience a complacent environment to learn. Don’t try to learn or memorize in a hurried way during exams. If you don’t practice the art of learning on a daily basis, then you are naturally pushed to opt for no other choice than to memorize mechanically. Mechanical and hurried learning will not help to construct neural pathways nor will it help in easy retrieval and recall of the information learnt. Even when a small portion is learnt every day, continuous revision is necessary to recall cent percent. While the quantum of information to be learned is more, sufficient relaxation at intervals during the process of learning is essential so that retrieval is easily enabled by neural pathways.

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