Top 15 Ways to Improve Your Memory

3) Stay Focused

Stay Focused

Jack of all trade is master of none. Do one thing at a time. This facilitates better concentration level. For example, if you eat while watching television, salivary secretion will be lower. Similarly while listening to class room lectures, you need to be focused to understand the concepts which your teacher actually wanted to deliver. Multi-tasking may prove to be successful at times which may be a matter of pride to youth. But it will not stand the test of time. As man cannot serve two masters, your brain cannot develop as many neural pathways at a time. Clubbing drums, guitar and clarinet at a time will defeat the purpose as you lack in quality. Such a practice may prove as a disaster during competition. For this reason, a dermatologist desists from advising oncology specialist on how to treat cancer, though he knows the basics of tumor.

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