Top 15 Ways to Improve Your Memory

4) Repeat Information

Repeat Information

A good learning means a capacity to effectively recall what has been learnt. When a child is woken up and asked to recite the rhyme “Johnny Johnny yes papa”, it will definitely do so without mistakes or shyness. The child relies cent percent on its teacher. It repeats the rhyme in chorus with other students umpteen times under the inspiration of her teacher.

Repetition of information facilitates the neural pathways to easily tap the information centers and readily retrieve the information. Such retrieval is swift like a spinal reflex, as your eye lids close suddenly in response to flash lights, devoid of command from your brain.

A lean person will throw iron ball to a longer distance than a stout man. This is because the muscles responsible to throw is tamed by repeated muscle contraction exercises with intermittent relaxation. Such a measure prevents the muscle from being fatigue and improves muscle contraction exactly in the pattern of throwing the iron ball. Such a practice can be adopted while memorizing and repeated number of revision which will tune your neural pathways to be tamed with and retrieve the information swiftly like a spinal reflex.

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