How to get rid of swollen ankles

A swollen ankle can be treated when perfect care is given with good medication and external application of creams. There are perfect methods but you need to choose a method that does not increase your pain and should not further cause any more health problems for you.
You need to first observe causes of swollen ankles and you need to know the reason for swelling whether it causes by any diseases of heart & kidneys, obesity, malnutrition and arthritis.
Checking some prescribed medications to you like birth control pills, blood pressure medications may cause swell in ankles. Once you find correct reason, you need to stop that particular allergic medication.
Salt consumption in the food should be decreased. Salt is having more sodium content which may cause fluid retention in the ankles.
High water consumption will reduce the fluid retention wherever in the body and it will gradually decrease the swelling in the ankles.
It is important to get rid of swollen ankles on a slow method as it will completely heal and will cure the problem. Consulting a good doctor for a remedy and attending to medical therapies will always bring good results. Further every part of the ankle will also be checked to detect the pain.
Rest is very important in this treatment. The more rest given the better will be cure and it is suggested to use supporters whenever there is a need to walk. Preferably a wheel chair can also be used for preventing further pain.
You should not sit in one place. You should move your legs or toes so that proper blood circulation will help you to get rid of bad swelling.
Although there are many therapies, choosing a therapy that gives best cure is always good as it satisfies you and you are also comfortable with the therapy.
By taking good care, you can soon find a remedy from the problem and will be able to walk quickly. But taking care in getting rid of the problem is really important until you are completely cured.