Vinyl siding comes in several styles and in a variety of colors.

All vinyl siding and vinyl soffit and fascia can be cut with tin snips, a circular saw with a plywood blade.

1.In vinyl siding installation, start with the soffit.

Nail at the slot centers to allow for expansion and hold the heads out 1/32 to 1/16 in.

2. Nail two J-channels diagonally between the corner of the house and roof. Cut the first soffit sections to fit this angle and install sections in both directions. Remove the vents and install vented soffit material.

3. Cut the remaining lengths of soffit material 1/4 in. short of the maximum span, and press into channel.
4. Remove the gutter and slide preformed lengths of fascia cover under the gutter apron. Nail the upper portion of the fascia with 4d galvanized nails.

5. Measure from the eave to the bottom of the existing siding the distance is divisible by 8 in.–the finished width of a piece of siding.
Determine the best height, mark position on walls, snap a reference chalk line around the entire house. Nail a3 1/2-in. strip of 1/2-in. plywood above this line.
6. Nail strips of 1/2-in. rigid-foam and nail the corner trim over these strip.

7.Measure for the first piece and trim it to length.

8. Snap each length of siding in place.
9. For direction to lap, consider which angle will get the closer scrutiny. A left-over-right lap will be less conspicuous.

10. Begin installing the first row of siding on both sides of the deck. Trim around the door leading onto the deck. The vinyl siding must be installed over a flat surface.
11. Install the siding adjacent to the deck conventionally and press the cut section into the J-channel.

12.Behind the faucet mounting plate, install 1/2-in. plywood in place of insulation board.Notch the siding from the top and slide it under the faucet.
13. Cut a top cap to meet the flanges of the vertical pieces. Snip the bottom of the channel 1/2 in. on each side.

14. Caulk the J-channel where it meets the conduit.

15. Cut two lengths of channel for the sides.
Make a 1-in. cut along the corner of the facing edge.
16. Cut the top channel 2 in. longer than the window or door width.

17. Install vinyl siding within one row of the bottom of the window.
18. Slide the siding in place from below and nail
19. Install siding at the top of a window or door in a similar way.

20. When the siding is within a foot of completion, nail lengths of utility trim to the wall just below the soffit.

21. Nail the second-to-last row in place and measure the width of the last piece.

22.Nail the top with 3d painted nails–colored to match your siding.
23. Push it into the utility channel. Trim the gables with J-channel, cut each length of siding to match the slope of the roof and nail the siding in place. Caulk all trim.