How to loose your voice fast

There are times when people wish that they could lose their voice, it maybe a school exam or some lecture at a boring venture or any such reason. Losing your voice for a day or so to skip such reasons is something you can accomplish easily, but remember don’t overdo it or never make it a regular habit for it can really alter your normal voice greatly.

Wondering to find an answer to a question that how to lose your voice fast, then what you require is a pillow, loud music, some water, lemon, vinegar or even a chilled, ice cold drink.

Get your pillow, start the music to prevent anyone listening get skeptical and then squeeze lemons in a cup, add water and also vinegar to the same. Now put your face in the pillow, clear your throat and start shouting, drink the mixture wait for few seconds and then again growl in your pillow, and then again drink the mixture, repeat this several times until you feel your voice is scratchy ad lowered in pitch. And if still want to make it worsen drink a glass of ice cold water and get ready to everyone listening to you after this asking questions that “what on earth happened to your voice”, “ is your throat hurting” , “ are you not well” and so on.

Or you can also try yelling out loud by going to watch your favorite sport, a rock concert, a fight, WWE matches or any such thing and then drinking a glass of an ice cold drink.