New and smaller IPad from Apple

Many Asian supply channels point out to the launching of a 7.85 inch apple tablet in the late 2012 and on Friday this lead to gossips that made the rounds about a smaller I pad.

Apple products have good sales numbers than the android tablets by a sizable factor. Being successful in ipad sales, why will apple ever worry about making a smaller iPad slate?

Having ipad as the top most among tablets, there are two main reasons to consider when it comes to the possible launch of the smaller iPods. Before discussing about the reasons, here is a preface about the iPods.

• iPad is a breakthrough product that did not have any market popularity before 2001.
• Albeit Apple’s iPad 2 model has a very restricted/conventional outlook. it offers many outstanding features.

The above points also lead me to put forth the reasons for the launch of a smaller iPad.

• Smaller iPad’s will have the ease of portability
When it comes to portability, size is an important factor for an iPad device. For Eg if you purchase a Samsung galaxy tablet, you can carry it wherever you go. iPad will fit the bill only when you are around the house. A smaller IPad will be an excellent go-to device and it will easily fit your pocket, purse and jacket pocket. Smaller tablet will have light weight when compared to larger ones and it will be easy to carry for a long distance.

• iPod touch have limited demand
iPod touch sales will be decreasing in future as many people will start to purchase smart phones. If you buy an iPhone , you may need to buy the iPod as a supplement. But not everyone will afford to buy iPod as a supplement. Also, Apple has stopped investing more in bringing advanced features in iPod touch. This year apple launched the white model iPod touch alone which indicates the downfall of iPod.