Top 15 Organic Produce That’s Better Than Conventional

9) Organic Sweet Bell Peppers

Sweet Bell Peppers

Sweet bell peppers are favorite in America as it’s consumed a lot in the United States as lion’s share of a pie. Sweet bell peppers are eaten raw in contrast to that of cooked hot peppers. The conventional red, yellow and green sweet bell peppers are more prone to get contaminated by pesticides. It’s wise to go for organic one. Sweet bell peppers in grilled chicken or steak, flamed veggies are delicious. The skin of pepper acts as a shield and protects itself from flames adding flavor to your recipe.

10) Organic Spinach


Organic spinach are leafy greens known for good water retention capacity in your body. It is also friendly to your intestine. It may be a substitute to lettuce in salads. It’s rich in vitamins and minerals. Its taste is good and you may have had in your grandmother’s home during vacation. Organic spinach betters your overall health when you are regular in your diet. Water is good for growing organic spinach but water contaminated with pesticides is likely to defeat the very purpose of its nutritional and medicinal value. So it’s good to go for spinach but it’s better to land in the choice of organic spinach. Strawberry and walnut salad with organic spinach increases your life line and decreases the circumference of waistline, do exercise with healthy diet, it improves mental caliber and resistance to stress.

11) Organic Peaches


Peaches are locally grown and it’s common in America. It’s sweet taste with a bit tangy are reasons behind its popularity. They are classic American recipes such as peach pie and peach cobbler. The highly delicate skin is susceptible to bruising and water loss; difficult to transport; high loss in transit is common. It’s prone to get affected by bugs and other contaminants however, it is preventable or manageable by adopting latest farming techniques. Pesticides are liable to get infiltrated through porous skin. So organic farming is the best. In addition to this, localized farming is good as loss of peaches in transit is more.

12) Organic Celery


Usually the watermelon tops the list, but celery is known for its high water content. For those in diet control, celery is the ultimate choice as energy expenditure to digest it is more than its calorie. Mildest from gaining popularity as taste does not prevent it from gaining popularity as it’s health advantages outweigh the taste factor. As the celery stalks are of immense water content or juicy edible part, the water continuously circulates predisposing the risk of contamination by pesticides. But this is not the case in organic celery. Choosing celery in your diet is good but organic celery is better the best inorganic celery.

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